class14terms - achieved status Social status gained through...

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achieved status Social status gained through one's own abilities and actions Age of Discovery A time of European exploration, discovery, and enlightenment about the world, which began about 500 years ago and lasted through 18th century. Important features included ● global exploration, prompted by commerce and colonialism ● technological discoveries and developments prompted by exploration and facilitating new gains in commerce and colonialism ● the combined effect of these advances with ideas of the Renaissance hastened the demise of faith-based Middle Ages concepts of an unchanging, earth-centered universe broad-spectrum revolution Major change in human food-getting practices, involved enlarging the resource base, collecting (gathering, hunting, fishing, etc.) and using a wider range of plants and animals cargo and cargo cults In Melanesia, including New Guinea, cargo cults are a revitalization movement, based on the expectation of the imminent return of ancestors in ships, planes, and trains, bringing treasures (cargo) of European-manufactured goods Çayonu Tepesi: One of the world‘s oldest sedentary farming villages (earliest levels are pre-farming), with earliest known remains of metal working (copper) and weaving. Dated to ca. 9,000 years ago, about 7000 BC (FYI: 7300 to 6500 B.C.). Located in the northern arc of the Fertile Crescent, in the Taurus Mts on the Ergani Plain (Turkey); at the time of occupation, steppe forest of pistachio and oak trees, Mediterranean environment. Cheddar Man Skeleton found in Gough‘s Cave, near Cheddar, England. Radiocarbon dated to 9,000 years ago (ca. 7000 BC) (thus contemporaneous with Çayonu (southwest Asia)). Mitochondrial DNA extracted from the teeth matched exactly with numerous individuals now living in the same area civilization, cradles of Six broad regions of the world where civilization arose with no significant influence from an already existing civilization. The regions are Mesopotamia, Egypt, river valleys of northern China, Indus Valley of India, Mesoamerica and Andean South America. culture core
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class14terms - achieved status Social status gained through...

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