class15terms - acculturation The process of learning about...

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acculturation The process of learning about and participating in the customs and traditions of a culture different from that of one‘s birth and upbringing. authority Ability to persuade others, by argument or example, to accept one's decisions cereal crop the staple crops of humankind, since food-production began, today accounting for half the calories we consume, and five of the modern world‘s most important crops (wheat [originating in Southwest Asia, maize [corn, originating in ancient Mexico], rice [originating in Asia], barley, and sorghum) . Cereal crops are high in calories and carbohydrates and are also relatively high in protein (compared to root crops); they are fast-growing and yield up to one ton of grain per cultivated hectare charisma Personal magnetism of extraordinary individuals. Important quality of leaders in egalitarian societies coalitionary behavior Mutually supportive behavior among primates, in defense against aggressive threats by another member of the group. Occurs most commonly between grooming partners. company as typical size for human group Effective group size of 150 for humans, as predicted by ratio of neocortex to the rest of the brain culture shock Sense of alienation that follows upon exposure to, or immersion in a culture very foreign to one‘s own, and for which one has had little preparation. ethnographic analogy Use of both material and non-material aspects of a living culture to form models to test interpretations of archaeological remains. fieldwork The general term for basic research performed by anthropologists, which usually occurs in the setting in which data are to be found: archaeologists survey regions and excavate sites, ethnohistorians find and study archived documents, ethnographers observe and document living cultures, primatologists study prosimians, monkeys, and apes, forensic specialists study skeletal and other remains of deceased humans, biological
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class15terms - acculturation The process of learning about...

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