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class18terms - affinal Related by marriage whether through...

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affinal Related by marriage, whether through lineal relations (e.g. one's parents-in-law) or collateral relations (e.g. sister‘s husband) age set Group consisting of all men or women born during a certain time span; such groups may control property and often have military and political functions. As the group matures, it undergoes rites of passage as a group, the members together experiencing the transition from one status to the next bilateral kin group A “kindred” or kin group in which ego traces collateral and lineal relationships on the maternal and paternal sides; differs for every ego. birth interval The number of years between one completed pregnancy and another cannibalism Eating the flesh of another human being, often in a ritual setting carrying capacity The theoretical limit to which a population may grow and maintain itself without deleterious effects on its environment because of over-exploitation clan
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