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Big Man -Among tribal horticulturalists and pastoralists, a Big Man is the group‘s primary leader; occupies no institutionalized office and has no power but achieves authority through entrepreneurship and generosity to others. Neither his wealth nor his position can be passed on to his heirs Example: New Guinea’s leaders; Onka (of “Onka’s Big Moka”) aspires to be the Big Man of his village and sponsoring the Moka, a feast in which he gives away many gifts, is his means of gaining status complementary opposition -Process by which groups unite into more and more inclusive units as they are confronted with more and more inclusive coalitions of antagonistic groups market principle -Economic exchange based on rational decision making, toward the greatest profit, given the laws of supply and demand, treating goods and services as commodities; currently dominant in the global economy New Guinea -Large island just north of Australia. Parts of the highlands of New Guinea were uncontacted until the 1930s
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