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Class 21: Tuesday April 1, 2008 Understand the following Glossary terms, pertinent to Lecture 21 Beringia, or Bering Strait cargo cult demographic transition disease infectious disease kuru religion revitalization movement rite of passage ritual societal types tribe, or tribal society Beringia -ancient land bridge between Asia (Siberia) and the Americas (Alaska), now underwater; the probable route of entry of modern Homo sapiens into the Americas cargo cults -In Melanesia, including New Guinea, cargo cults are a revitalization movement, based on the expectation of the imminent return of ancestors in ships, planes, and trains, bringing treasures (cargo) of European-manufactured goods religion -Belief system and ritual pertaining to supernatural beings, powers, and forces ● All people share certain basic experiences, and all societies have what can be broadly called religion, which ● helps people cope with uncertainties, ● explains the mysteries of the supernatural and the soul, ● interprets human experiences,
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