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cultural relativism -The belief that the values and standards of cultures differ, and that cultures deserve respect Fertile Crescent -in Southwest Asia, an arc of agriculturally-productive land surrounding more arid desert regions; consists of the eastern Mediterranean coastal plain, the Taurus and Zagros mountains; extremely important in human cultural evolutionary history as the breeding ground for our earliest sedentism, domestication of crops and animals. Ancient sites include Mallaha, Jericho, Çayonu
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Unformatted text preview: Power-The coercive capacity (potentially involving violent force) to ignore the interests of others while pursuing one's own and to withhold something that others want; alternatively, the capacity to oblige others to follow one's decisions even when they disagree, finding the decisions not to be in their own interests Prestige-Ability to command admiration, respect, approval in social contexts for acts, deeds, or qualities considered exemplary. Does not necessarily coincide with power....
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