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Unformatted text preview: Class 27: Tuesday April 22, 2008 Glossary terms pertinent to Class 27 (some may be discussed in Lecture 28): alienation capitalist world economy differential access to key resources economy, types of exchange particularistic society reciprocity redistribution Alienation-Psychological state of estrangement, as from one‘s society, or from the means of production in society. Living in a modern particularistic society tends to foster a sense of alienation, because the average person works at a job which does not directly meet basic needs (it does so indirectly, through the market economy) and usually does not provide scope for creative expression. Manifested in feelings of lack of attachment to other people and to society as a whole and its values. capitalist world economy-The single global economic system which emerged in Europe in the 16th century, committed to production of goods for sale to maximize profits for investors, rather than for supplying domestic needs...
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