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Classes 29 – 30: Tuesday April 29 and Thursday May 1, 2008 Glossary terms pertinent to Lectures 29 and 30: conspicuous consumption core differential access to key resources economy, types of G.I. Bill of Rights Marshall Plan periphery population growth, human Law of Biotic Potential Leibig’s law of the minimum life expectancy obesity, linked to cancer obesity, linked to diabetes Roundup semi-periphery stratification, economic, increasing global stratification, economic, increasing national traffic in human lives urbanism, modern trends water water supply, global water supply, national, Ogallala women, status of in developing nations world system population size, global, projected for year 2150 -If fertility rate continues to fall until each woman has about 2 children, population will rise from present level (over 6 billion) to about 11 billion. If the average number of children is 2.6, population will rise to about 27 billion. A low estimate of 1.6 children per woman would result in a global
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