Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Motivation Ability and Opportunity...

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Chapter 2 Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity Consumer Motivation and Its Effects Motivation- an inner state of arousal that provides energy needed to achieve a goal High Effort Behavior Motivation not only drives behavior consistent with goals, but also creates a willingness to expend time and energy engaging in these behaviors High Effort Information Processing and Decision Making When highly motivated to achieve goal they will: o More like to pay more attention to it o Think about it o Attempt to understand or comprehend goal relevant information o Evaluate that information critically o Try to remember it for later use When consumers have low motivation they devote o Little effort to processing information and making decisions Motivated Reasoning- processing information in a way that allows consumers to reach the conclusion that they want to reach o Prone to motivated reasoning when o Egos are at stake o Desperately trying to obtain goal o Avoid negative outcome Felt Involvement Felt Involvement- self reported arousal or interest in an offering, activity, or decision Types of Involvement o Enduring- long term interest in an offering, activity, or decision o Situational- temporary interest in an offering, activity, or decision, often caused by situational circumstances o Cognitive- interest in thinking about & learning information pertinent to an offering, activity, or decision o Affective- interest in expending emotional energy and invoking deep feelings about an offering, activity, or decision Objects of Involvement o Product or retail category o Involvement with a brand o Involvement with a medium o Involvement with an ad Response Involvement- interest in certain decisions and behaviors o Important to indicate what is the area that is specifically involved?
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What Affects Motivation? 1. Personal Relevance 2. Perceived Risk 3. Values, Need, Goals Personal Relevance Personally Relevant- something that has a direct bearing on the self and has potentially significant consequences or implications for our lives o Consumers perceive things as personally relevant when they are in line with their goals, needs, values, and emotions o This sparks their need to process information, make decisions, take action Consistency with Self Image Self Concept- how we view ourselves, ones mental view of who they are Values Value- beliefs about what is right, important, or good Needs Need- an internal state of tension caused by disequilibrium from an ideal/ desired physical or psychological state o Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs diagram… not neccessirly 100% true disputed if you have to fulfill
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Motivation Ability and Opportunity...

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