Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Exposure Attention Perception...

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Chapter 3- Exposure, Attention, Perception Exposure Exposure- the process by which the consumer comes in physical contact with a stimulus Can be exposed to marketing stimuli at the buying, using or disposing stages of consumption Exposure very critical to influencing consumers’ thoughts and feelings, marketers MUST ensure consumers are exposed to stimuli that portray their feelings in a positive light Factors Influencing Exposure Position of an ad within a medium o Best in magazine for the ad to be on the back cover because whenever the magazine is face down, everyone will be able to see it o Best exposure at the beginning or end of a commercial break o Most exposed to ads that are placed near articles/ by other ads that interest them Product Distribution o More widespread going to make it more well known to consumers Shelf Placement o Good placement for product to be is at eye level o If the product gets good shelf space, then consumers are going to be more likely to come across it o End of aisles also considered good Selective Exposure Consumers can actively seek some stimuli and avoid others Why would they want to avoid? o So many that we can’t process them all o Don’t want to look at product categories that don’t apply to them o If they have seen the ad multiple times, then they will avoid Zapping- use of remote control to switch channels during commercial breaks Zipping- fast forwarding through the commercials recorded on a VCR or DVR Ways Marketers are trying to make you stay on the channel and watch the commercials: Adding in mini movies during the commercials so people want to watch Recently, parents have wanted to avoid having kids watch ads because they then want every product they see on TV Hard to limit advertising campaigns to make them appropriate for all eyes New Craze is Unsolicited messages on internet, email, phones Has created new industry for companies to create products to limit the spam content to your email/ phone number Marketing Exposure Marketers are very interested in determining which media will generate exposure to their marketing stimuli and whether the desired exposure rates have actually been reached
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Are looking for more complete and accurate ways to determine how many people they reach for their advertisement o Example: traffic cameras can track how many cars see a particular ad, but it can’t tell you how many people are in the car Currently marketers have no way to determine how many people view an internet ad o Can see number of people who click through to see an ad o Marketers are pushing for a standardization of how many people can see the ad Attention Attention- the process by which an individual allocates part of his/ her mental activity to a stimulus Must have a certain amount of attention in order for information to be perceived/ to activate your senses and make you want to buy the product After consumers perceive information, they pay more attention to it and continue with the higher-
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Exposure Attention Perception...

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