Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Symbolic Consumer Behavior Sources...

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Chapter 17- Symbolic Consumer Behavior Sources and Functions of Symbolic Meaning Meaning from Derived Culture Cultural Categories= the natural grouping of objects that reflect our culture Have categories for occasions, such as festive or somber Cultural Principals- ideas or values that specify how aspects of our culture are organized and or how they should be perceived or evaluated Give meaning to products Linked to social status, gender, age, ethnicity Consumers use product with various meanings to achieve set functions… combined, these functions serve to help to define the consumer’s self concept Meaning can also come from non-marketing sources Specific people such as opinion leaders can also serve to create meaning to product Meaning Derived from the Consumer Consumers can develop their own individual meanings associated with their products Can stem from culture or consumer o Consumption symbols can be used to say something about consumer as a member of a group or as a unique individual The Emblematic Function Emblematic Function-the use of products to symbolize membership in social groups Geographic Emblems o Show where you are from o Example: brightly colored, loose fitting clothes would indicate you were from a hotter region Ethnic Emblems o Show that you are from a specific culture or subculture o Example: wearing head coverings Social Class Emblems o Items you have reflect social class you are a member of o Holiday time dress maybe different depending on which social class you are apart Gender Emblems Food, clothing, jewelry, alcoholic beverages are some of the many product categories associated Reference Group Emblems o Rituals they take part in Marketing Implications Symbol Development o Marketing can link a product and attributes to a specific cultural category and its principals
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Symbol Communication o Marketing can make an ad “speak” to a specific emblematic group Symbol Reinforcement o Can use other tools from marketing mix to reiterate message Pricing, distribution, product strategies to maintain a product’s image Can also hurt image if they use clashing messages! Symbol Removal o Some companies now help consumers erase symbols associated with groups they not longer identify with The Role Acquisition Function Role Acquisition- the use of products as symbols to help us feel more comfortable in a new role Role Acquisition Phase With constantly changing roles, we use symbols to help clarify to we are moving on… Generally 3 phase process 1. Separation- must separate self from old role by disposing of all products associated with
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Symbolic Consumer Behavior Sources...

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