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2/22/10 Death of a Salesman : - Arthur Miller - Well-made plays - American Playwright Theatrical Convention: Theatrical technique common to a certain genre or time period. Theatrical Contract: An agreement between the audience and the performers to expect a fairly realistic play with given representational and presentational aspects. - A given set of rules the production has for the audience - In DOAS: o Flashbacks/illusions o Realistic o Use of sounds and lighting o Main character fulfills more than one purpose Characters: Protagonist: Focus character
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Unformatted text preview: Antagonist: Character that causes the conflict Foil Character: Points out characteristics in the protagonist Biff changes more (from the beginning of the play to the end) than Willy ( the protagonist) Situational Characters react diff. to one other because of situations Tactical What tactics the character uses to get what they want Egocentric Limited perspective Archetype Certain characteristics expected with a type of character Stock More stereotypical character...
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