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Goldman v. Weinberger 475 U.S. 503 (1986) Facts:  Simcha Goldman, a Jewish rabbi, was an Air Force captain serving as a psychologist  at an Air Force Base. Goldman regularly wore a yarmulke head covering in honor of his  religion. Due to Air Force regulations, Goldman was ordered to stop wearing the yarmulke.  Goldman argued with the District Court which resulted in the continued allowance of  Goldman wearing the yarmulke. However, an appeal by the Air Force resulted in a reversal  which no longer allowed Goldman to wear his yarmulke. Goldman appealed this decision to  The Supreme Court. Issue:  Is the Air Force regulation of prohibiting certain headpieces, specifically religious 
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Unformatted text preview: ones, reasonable, and were Goldmans religious rights violated? Holding: Court of Appeals affirmed (Goldman may not wear the headpiece) Reasoning: The Supreme Court based their decision behind the strict Air Force clothing regulations. The Court stated that standardized uniforms encourage subordination of members. An Air Force document specifically stated, in minute detail, their outfit requirements. The Air Force promotes no difference in privileges other than rank. While a sensitive issue, The Court believed it would not be correct to allow someone to violate the clothing requirements....
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