Chapter 13 Solids

Chapter 13 Solids - Amorphous solids do not have the long...

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CHAPTER 13 – SOLIDS Crystalline solids have an ordered internal structure that are described by lattices and unit cells Unit cell – smallest repeating structure of a crystal lattice Simple cubic Face – centered cubic Body – centered cubic Stoichiometry affects the packing of atoms in a unit cell Closest – packed structures achieve the maximum density of packing Cubic closest packing (ccp) – ABCABC Hexagonal closest packing (hcp) – ABABAB
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Unformatted text preview: Amorphous solids do not have the long range repetitive structures found in crystalline solids (glass) Look like long strands of cooked spaghetti Supercooled liquids – refer to amorphous solids X – ray diffraction is used to study crystal structures Atoms absorb radiation and emit it out again in all directions (constructive and destructive interference = diffraction)...
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