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Law and Society 3/04/09 Portrayal of Courts Courts- glamorized and inaccurate o Attorneys Crime fighting- go after the bad guys Female attorneys- defemenized as career woman/dominated by sexual conflict o Media trial effects Pretrial publicity o Factual vs. emotional Factual- strengthens the guilt of the defendant Emotional- no evidentiary relevance but arouses passions Media trial effects Echo effect- the tendency for criminal justice officials to treat defendants in unpublicized cases harshly if the press has been demanding such treatment for defendants in similar highly publicized cases
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Unformatted text preview: CSI effect- a phenomenon in which actual investigations are driven by the expectations of millions of people who watch fictional crime shows • Remedies: o voir dire- process by which attorneys select, or perhaps more appropriately reject, certain jurors to hear a case o continuance- postponement of a hearing, trial, or other scheduled court proceeding o change of venue- moving a trial to a new location o sequestration- isolation of jurors outside of court proceedings, thus disallowing any external contact o jury instruction- set of legal rules that jurors should follow...
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