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CHEMISTRY 83 TERMS AND DEFINITIONS TERMS DEFINITIONS Anion Negatively charged atom Assumption Atomic Weight Average atomic mass of each element (in amu) Calorie Unit in which heat energy is commonly measured Cation Positively charged atom Chemical Changes Changes that involve the change in composition Chemical Property Chemistry Data Results of an experiment Deduction Discipline Electronegativity Endothermic Changes Changes that occur only with a continuous input of heat Energy Ability to do mechanical work Exact Science Exothermic Changes Changes which evolve heat continously (release heat) Experiment Process of making systematic, control ed observations First Law of Thermodynamics Formula Fusion Reaction Hypothesis Induction Isotopes Kinetic Energy Energy associated with motion Law of Conservation of Mat er Lone Pairs Pairs of electrons that are not shared Mixture Sample whose composition can be varied Natural Science Phase Physical Change Physical Property Plasma Mixture of cations and electrons Polarizability Potential Energy Properties Pure Substance Sample whose composition cannot be car ied Qualitative Observations Not expressed numerical y (odor) Quantitative Observations Expressed numerical y (weight or height) Science Scientific Law Scientific Law
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