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chemistry 103 project lab

chemistry 103 project lab - ₄ ₁₅ ₁₈ ₂ ₂ in...

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Data: Molarity Weight Absorbancy 0.01 0.017g 0.184 0.02 0.034g 0.292 0.04 0.068g 0.568 0.06 0.102g 0.854 0.08 0.136g 1.012 Absorbance of Copper: 0.552 Concentration of Copper: 0.0396M Discussion: In a sample of a compound you can find the gram ratio between two elements. Based on the ratio you can find the subscripts in the empirical formula of the compound. In this lab we figured out the empirical formula of the product based on the percentages of copper, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and chlorine. Our result was CuCl C H N O . Some possible sources of error
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Unformatted text preview: ₄ ₁₅ ₁₈ ₂ ₂ in the lab were an unclean curvet, inaccurate measuring, and not heating the product until it was completely dry. These errors could have been prevented if we had more time to retest the absorbencies to make sure that we were getting consistent results and if we had dried it until there was absolutely no change in weight. Inaccurate measuring is a harder problem to eliminate because it is human error and it can have drastic effects on our results....
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