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Chemistry Final Review Types of Crystals Crystal Type Particles Occupying Lattice Sites Type of Attractive Force Examples Properties Ionic Positive and negative ions Attractions between ions of opposite charge NaCl, CaCl 2 , NaNO 3 Relatively hard; brittle; high melting points; nonconductors of electricity as solids, conductors of electricity when melted Molecular Atoms or molecules Dipole-dipole attractions, London forces, hydrogen bonding HCl, SO 2 , N 2 Ar, CH 4 , H 2 O Soft; low melting points; nonconductors of
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Unformatted text preview: electricity Covalent (Network) Atoms Covalent bonds between atoms Diamond, SiC, SiO 2 Very hard; very high melting points; nonconductors of electricity Metallic Positive ions Attractions between positive ions and an electron cloud that extend throughout the crystal Cu, Ag, Fe, Na, hg Range from very hard to very soft; melting points range from high to low; conduct electricity in both solid and liquid states; have characteristic luster...
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