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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FLASHCARDS - by Ka Charge is always...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FLASHCARDS Ka Ka=([H+][A-])/[HA] Add ___to a base to get the conjugate acid A proton CH3 Methyl 10 carbons Decane 8 carbons Octane 2 carbons Ethane 1 carbon Methane Bronsted-Lowry Base Proton acceptor 9 carbons nonane An acid with weak bonds will be weak or strong? Strong Bond strength Decreases down a column The stronger the acid, the ___the conjugate base weaker Bronsted-Lowry acid Proton donor Electron repulsive force In order of increasing repulsion; bonded pair to bonded pair, unshared to bonded, unshared to unshared Formal charge Group # - electron count Electron count # of unshared electrons + half the # of shared electrons Which resonance structure contributes more? 1. One with the most covalent bonds 2. Smaller separation of oppositely charged atoms 3. The negative charge on the most electronegative atom Arrhenius acid Ionizes to give protons HA  H+ + A- What makes an acid or base strong? If it ionizes completely Arrhenius base Ionizes to give hydroxide ions The strength of a weak acid is measured
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Unformatted text preview: by___ Ka Charge is always____ Conserved in chemical reactions Rules of resonance 1. Connectivity is the same; only electron position can vary 2. Same number of electrons, same net charge 3. Same # of unpaired electrons 4. If the octet rule is broken for a 2 nd-row element, the structure does not contribute A strong acid will have a strong or weak bond? Weak bond electronegativity A weak acid is least electronegative, a stong acid is most electronegative, because the electronegative A will take electrons from H and HA will dissociate more easily Greater pKa=___bond Stronger bond pKa = ?-logKa Lowest heat of combustion is ____ The most stable isomer Prefix for 6 hexa Prefix for 5 penta Prefix for 4 tetra Prefix for 3 tri Prefix for 2 di 5 carbons pentane 4 carbons butane 3 carbons propane Seven carbons heptane 6 carbons hexane A stronger base has ____pKa Greater pKa...
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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FLASHCARDS - by Ka Charge is always...

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