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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Q: In one cycle of neural communication, which is the correct order of events? According to the article found in the science daily archive, the cycle of neural communication is: first threshold of excitation reached, second action potential, third neurotransmitter release, forth inhibitory or excitatory post-synaptic potential. The article does not explicitly state that this is path that information travels from neuron to neuron, but it does state in the first paragraph that in order to produce a nerve impulse an initial (pre-synaptic) neuron must send a chemical signal (neurotransmitters) to the second neuron (post-synaptic neuron). This path is written starting from a different starting point in the cycle, starting from the release of the neurotransmitters. But in order to release neurotransmitters, a neuron must undergo the action potential, or nerve impulse. For a neuron to trigger a nerve impulse, it must reach the threshold of excitation. This essay makes a good case for answering the question of how neurons communicate
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