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Patel INTRODUCTION: Among retentionist countries, the United States has continued to carry out the death penalty. Interestingly, some states within the U.S. have bans on capital punishment while others continue to sentence capital punishment (Kury, T. N., & Obergfell, 2003). This divergence between states has continued the debate of abolishing or continuing the death penalty. THESIS: In light of this, it can be observed that the death penalty has failed as an effective deterrent and in turn is prejudiced towards criminals and has brought about social and economic expenses to society which can be avoided by alternative punishments such as life sentencing. HISTORY OVERVIEW: Retribution, the oldest philosophy, is based on the principle of lex talionis , or “an eye for an eye”, in other words an appropriate punishment for the harm done. This retribution model has often been used for supporting the death penalty, as a murderer should in turn also be murdered. With the deterrence model, it is seen that individual’s choose to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Thus, the death penalty would also be supported by this model by suggesting that sentencing someone to death will relieve the anger and hurt brought forth by the act of violence. People in support of the death penalty likewise posit that capital punishment deters others from committing similar crimes in the future. Similarly, that this deterrent is far greater than that of life imprisonment. The philosophy of incapacitation focuses on preventing an individual from committing a crime (Jiang, 2007). In regards to this philosophy, capital punishment would be the most extreme form of incapacitation (Kury, T. N., & Obergfell, 2003). However, when observing the rehabilitation model of punishment, the focus is on reforming offenders and allowing them to reenter society. In regards to this philosophy, the death penalty fails to apply (Jiang, 2007). Deterrence model, interestingly research has shown that capital punishment in
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crim paper outline - Patel 1 INTRODUCTION: Among...

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