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presentence investigations

presentence investigations - Presentence Investigations...

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Presentence Investigations Presentence investigation, or PSI, is the examination of a convicted offender’s background before the sentencing occurs. A presentence investigation occurs when a judge wants more information on an offender in order for the judge to give a proper sentence. The investigation aids the judge in sentencing by examining factors such as job history, education level, family ties, church attendance, extent of criminal record, and mental stability. If the investigation reveals overall proper conduct and history, the offender is likely to receive a lesser sentence, vice versa. The presentence investigation’s conclusion is usually presented to the judge as a presentence report. The results from the investigation contribute to this report. These reports are usually conducted and arranged by the probation or parole office. The probation or parole office is generally allowed to make a recommendation for sentencing in the final section of the report.
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