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Scottsboro Boys Annotated Bibliography-1 - “Scottsboro...

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Unformatted text preview: “Scottsboro Boys” Case: Annotated Bibliography Isidor, Schneider. "The Story of Scottsboro." New York: International Labor Defense (1933). Michigan State University . 14 Dec. 2007 < ?CFID=7132877&CFTOKEN=90825296>. “The Story of Scottsboro” traces the Scottsboro trials from the day the seemingly heinous crimes were committed to the day the entire ordeal terminated. The article begins by highlighting the supposed raping of two girls, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price, at a freight train in Paint Rock, Alabama. Nine African-American boys, ranging from ages 13 to 21 were charged with murder. The article highlights significant advances in this case, emphasizing the hearings and protests that took place because of this action. More importantly, it shows the dedication of certain groups to the African-American cause, while showing the injustice African-Americans faced in the early 1900s. Woll, Matthew. "A Plea for Clemency in Scottsboro Negro Case." New York: National Civic Federation (1933). Michigan State University . 17 Dec. 2007 < ALV.pdf?CFID=7132877&CFTOKEN=90825296>. Matthew Woll, President of the National Civic Federation, urges in this article the commutation of Haywood Patterson’s sentence to lifetime imprisonment. As president, he states his impartiality to the case, but insists on justice in the American legal system. He argues on his impartiality to the case, but insists on justice in the American legal system....
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Scottsboro Boys Annotated Bibliography-1 - “Scottsboro...

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