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CMN 375 Study Guides--# 12 On One Blood ( Gangland--Season Two , History Channel, 2008) Los Angeles 1) What sad and brutal event does the documentary open with (and describe again later in the program), and what name is it given? Open fire. . Halloween Massacre on trick-or-treaters (1993) in Pasadena --Who were the aggressors? bloods --What earlier incident initiated this violence? A fellow crip shot a blood --How are the event and the ensuing court case described? Freak act 2) When did the Crips emerge in LA (los Angeles)? 1960s South Central (Blue) e-rickette --In what way is their emergence related to the Black Panthers? Patrolling south central neighborhoods vigilantes-style. Militant --What were the goals and behavior of the Crips, and how did they differ from those of the Panthers? To protect the neighborhoods but the Panthers were more juvenile and unorganized. --When and where did the Bloods begin, and why did they object to the Crips? Compton 3) Why do police, the Bloods themselves, and others interviewed claim that the Bloods are more ruthless than the Crips? CK riding (crip killing). They were outnumbered. Better organized. Protect neighborhoods from crips. Piru=red. blood --How does the number of Bloods compare to that of Crips in LA? Crips 18,000. Bloods 9,000 --How do the Bloods describe themselves? Outcasts. Brothers. Soldie r. Underdogs. Damu --What do the police and Bloods assert is the key to the Bloods success and survival? Bloods were more ruthless. Better organized. Bloods were about sticking together --What is their code of conduct in relation to one another? Unity. Blood on blood attacks were forbidden. There were crip on crip attacks 4) What is the 54 Street Massacre and when did it take place? 2 crips dead and 13 year old girl. New style of gang warfare 19802. --In what way did it signal a change in gang objectives, behavior, and warfare? Street killing became the norm --What brought about this change? Business opportunity (drugs imported from mexico and south America. . PCP, marijuana, and cocaine) Cocaine especially (highly addictive=guaranteed clients) 5) How and why did the Rodney King beating and its aftermath—the riots occurring when it was learned that three police officers were acquitted by a jury—change the relations between the Bloods and the Crips? 1991 beaten by white officers. Streets erupted in violence. Began stealing and looting together (bloods and crips) riots lasted 6 days. 54 people were dead. Truce between the bloods and crips --How long did the change last? What new business venture did the Bloods begin in the ’90s, and how has this venture affected mainstream culture? The truce evaporated in 3 months. By 1995, the gang violence reached an
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all-time high. 807 people were murdered that year. . bloods were at the heart of that bloodshed. Gangster rap (blood rappers) money from product sales. Rapper Tupac Shakkur (highly successful) 6) How do the police, gang experts, community residents, and former Bloods describe the new generation of
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CMN375StudyGuide12 - CMN 375 Study Guides 12 On One...

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