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Community Corrections April 14, 2009 What happens to individuals in the US after they have been convicted of a criminal offense or sent to prison? Community corrections Non-prison programs that permits offenders to reside in the community while serving a criminal sentence Ex. Probation, parole, intensive probation/parole supervision, house arrest & electronic monitoring, residential community corrections Court vs. correctional supervision o Prior/after conviction the court decides how to limit freedom (court supervision) o Go to prison and are released – released to community on probation/parole – agency/jail still controls you (community corrections) Corrections population 7.3 million adults under correctional/court supervision o 59% probation o 20% prison o 11% parole o 10% jail o Vast majority are residing in community Who’s under community supervision? 5.1 million on probation or parole 70% of adults under correctional supervision (living in the community) o 49% sentenced for felony o 77% men, 25% women o 56% white, 30% black, 12% Hispanic, 2% other o 4% abscond – failed to report to probation officer and can’t be located Are typically active offenders Should focus on absconders o Big percentage of this group wouldn’t be eligible for prison anyway US leads world in community corrections o Many other countries don’t even have community corrections/parole/probation Tremendous growth in use of probation D/t probation, correctional population has tripled in 25 years Have not grown the budget of probation industries despite the tremendous growth in use Have twice as many people in probation and same amount of money to supervise Not enough probation officers to adequately monitor people on probation What the court does almost never has anything to do with available resources o Judges won’t change sentence d/t prison overcrowding, lack of resources Almost no change in probation in terms of resources No minimum standard of probation care
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1 our of 15 adult residents in Philadelphia are under some form of correctional/court supervision Probation A sentence of conditional release to the community that is served while under
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Community Corrections class notes - Community Corrections...

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