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Perception Definitions Sensation = physical stimulation of the sense organs by sensory information; sense organs are “data reduction systems” Perception = Organisation and interpretation of sensory data to form an inner representation of the external world; not all sensations become perceptions Example: The Café Wall Illusion – you see horizontal lines but perceive diagonal lines. The Visual Pathway The uncrossed pathway deals with temporal visual information, while the crossed pathway deals with nasal visual information and crosses at a point known as the optic chiasm. The Right brain receives visual information from the left visual field and vice versa. So a lesion in the right brain would lead to blind spots in both eyes corresponding to the left visual field Theories of visual perception Structuralist approach (Wilhelm Wundt – 1879) Interested in the relationship between physical stimuli and psychological responses (Psychophysics). Used a method of introspectionism, where a visual stimuli is presented and then the subjects is asked questions about was the saw Structuralists believed that sensations were the building blocks of perception; this is now considered to simplistic. Müller’s Law – Each nerve is excited by one kind of energy and stimulation of that nerve is interpreted by the brain as that kind of energy. For example: Subjecting a eye to a mechanical force would produce the experience of visual information, this is because the nerves are sending visual energy so stimulation produces visual energy. Weber’s Law – The size of the just noticeable difference is a constant proportion of the original stimulus value Merits – This theory enphasises the importance of using scientific methods. It also led to the discovery of the workings of the nervous system (e.g Weber’s Law)
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Criticisms – lacked ecological validity (Used 2D stimuli not 3D), didn’t recognise the importance of expectation, and couldn’t explain the reason
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Perception - Perception Definitions Sensation = physical...

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