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personal statement - Personal Statement by Sean Simmers My...

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Personal Statement by Sean Simmers My fascination with the criminal justice system, specifically policing, started at an early age. The superheroes in the comics I read as a child were always protecting people and upholding the law so I wanted to do the same, and the closest thing to that in reality is being a police officer. Though that is not the sole reason I wanted to be a policeman; officers that visited my schools up through my secondary education helped shape my future goals also. It took me until I was half way through high school to really know what I wanted to do in my life and I knew for a fact I wanted it to be involved in criminal justice. Since my interests in crime, law, and justice lie more with policing and within that forensics with policing, I would like to study and research policing methods and ways of improving police and community relations. I would like to focus on community policing and
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