1825 -1840 Jackson

1825 -1840 Jackson - Hotels Emerging spirit of popular...

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Hotels Emerging spirit of popular democracy found expression in new institution – the large hotel To service the rising tides of travelers Shocked European visitors by failing to enforce traditional social distinctions among the clientele African Americans, Native Americans, and women were excluded or discriminated against Also reflected the emergence of democratic politics – professional politicians spent time in hotels as they traveled Founders had defined democracy as direct rule by the people Jacksonian period – “the voice of the people is the voice of God” Democratic impulse seemed to stimulate a process of social leveling Disappearance of inherited social ranks and clearly defined aristocracies Struck Europeans as most radical feature – Alexis de Tocqueville Described as a decline of the spirit of “deference” Watchword was equality of “opportunity” not equality of “reward” Democratic Society Growing belief that equality was the governing principle of American society Meant that in practice, no one could expect special privileges because of family connections Instead of keeping servants, they “hired help” – household workers who refused to wear livery, agreed to work for only short periods of time, and sometimes insisted on eating at the same table as their employers Decline in distinctive modes of dress for upper and lower classes – dress ceased to be a sure index of gentility Inequality based on control of productive resources was increasing Growing percentage of population possessed no real estate and little other property, especially in urban areas Industrialization created a permanent class of low-paid, unorganized wage earners Traditional forms of privilege and elitism were under attack Evidence in changes in the organization and status of learned professions Abolished licensing requirements for physicians unorthodox modes of healing (ex: Thomsonianism – herbs/roots) Popular press came to play an increasingly important role as a source of information and opinion Newspapers ushered Americans into political arena Became the venue for great national debates Democratic Culture Rise of new forms of literature and art directed at a mass audience Popular taste in defiance of traditional standards of high culture Some used literature as means of improving popular taste and instilling deeper moral/spiritual values Romantic Movement in Literature Valued strong feeling and mystical intuition over calm rationality and appeal to common experience
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1825 -1840 Jackson - Hotels Emerging spirit of popular...

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