1860 - 1890 Industrialization

1860 - 1890 Industrialization - 1876 Philadelphias...

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1876 Philadelphia’s Centennial Exposition Machines, inventions, products: linoleum, root beer, bananas, bicycles, refrigerators, steam ships Women’s building contains art, textiles, and machinery – it is the first exhibit of its kind Machinery was the focus – in Machinery Hall Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Edison’s inventions, Otis elevator, railroad air brake After the Civil War, America’s manufacturing output exceeded the combined output of GB, France, & Germany America owed its industrial growth to: 3. Expanded Markets – exploited by inventions, national market emerges 4. Investors 5. Technological Progress – dooms older industries and increases/creates others 6. Entrepreneurs – “robber barons” organize, manage, and assume financial risks 7. Few barriers – reluctance to regulate industry Railroads – the major genuine revolution in transportation and communication Most significant innovation of the century Before, human speed was 30-50 miles/day; with it, speed was 50 mph Benefits: direct routes, greater speed/safety/comfort, dependable schedules, year-round Different from European railroads: - creates new towns & cities in America - ends isolation and self-sufficiency of “island communities” - Chicago meat, Minneapolis grain, St. Louis beer - Mass production and consumption, business development
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1860 - 1890 Industrialization - 1876 Philadelphias...

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