1980 - 1988 Reagan

1980 - 1988 Reagan - 1970s population shift = rapid Sunbelt...

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1970s population shift = rapid Sunbelt growth (E W, N S) Usually white, middle & upper class suburbanites attracted by economic opportunity and political climate with low taxes, less government regulation, and reliance on the marketplace 1980 elections: “Misery index” (inflation and unemployment rates) at 28% Reagan: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” – People say a resounding “no” For the first time since 1954, the GOP gained control of the Senate (53 to 46) Journalist Theodore White “viewing the outcome as a repudiation of the Democratic coalition that had dominated American politics since the days of FDR and the New Deal” Neoconservatism = denounces liberals for being too soft on Communist threat & too willing to compromise at Reagan is elected October 1964 – Republican National Committee sponsors a TV ad by Reagan for Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign – marks the beginning of Reagan’s political career Reagan is a Hollywood actor with fading career in the 1950s – became a TV performer / spokesperson Wins the 1965 race for California governor with “friendly, relaxed” manner but strong conservative Proves to be “flexible” through 1974 Reagan’s Themes: 1.) Less government 2.) Balanced budget 3.) Family values 4.) Peace through increased military spending Supply-Side Economics = “the private sector, freed of the ever-increasing burden of government spending, would shift its resources from tax shelters to productive investment, leading to an economic boom that would provide enough new income to offset the lost revenue Spending is Reagan’s first target Cuts heavily into social services (food stamps) Slashes $41.4 billion from budget Successful in reducing taxes by 10% on personal income over 3 years Deregulation
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1980 - 1988 Reagan - 1970s population shift = rapid Sunbelt...

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