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1992 - 2000 Clinton - Boom of the 1990s caused by 1 Wise...

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Boom of the 1990s caused by: 1.) Wise fiscal policy 2.) Increases in productivity, made possible by new technology 3.) Declines in defense spending 4.) Increase in American exports 5.) Prosperity reached every level with real advances Population Shifts: 1980 census: more than half live in Sunbelt region Increasing urbanization: 1.) People more affluent and educated in metropolitan areas 2.) Family income in metro is $9000/year more 3.) Rising crime rates 4.) Longer commutes in heavy traffic 5.) Higher living costs Rise in number of elderly (with major voting power) Immigration Revival Mainly from Latin America and Asia, tend to settle in urban areas – CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, & NJ More than contribute for public services, worked low-earning jobs (more likely to remain permanently in the lower classes) Hispanics: 2002 are nation’s largest ethnic group Four major categories: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cubans, & Other All relatively youthful, high fertility rate, relatively poor, employed in low-paying positions Lack of education prevents progress Undocumented aliens (“illegals”) create problems African-Americans: Second largest minority in 2002 Heaviest in northern cities, but significant movement to South Education is key to advances – increases college & white-collar potential Rodney King – March 1991 is brutally beaten by 4 LAPD when stopped for traffic violation Riots when LAPD are acquitted 53 dead Asia Largest is Chinese with immigration as primary reason for growth Relatively well-educated and affluent Most enter white-collar jobs though some refugees face economic hardship and persecution Influx of people has profound implications: 1.) Melting Pot (assimilation) vs. Multiethnic Diversity (mosaic) 2.) Crusades against Eurocentric public school curriculum; multicultural college courses emerge 3.) Project RACE argues for kids of interracial marriages having their own census category 4.) 2000 Census: 70 million claim multiracial background 1992 Election - Bush (R) vs. Clinton (D) vs. Perot Recession in 1990 proves devastating for the Bush administration “A relentless Democratic attack on the [Bush] administration’s lackluster economic performance overcame all the President’s efforts to remind the nation of Reagan prosperity and Bush triumphs abroad.” Bill Clinton – “empathy, charm, understanding” with “a genuine desire to serve”
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Serious flaws: doubts about his personal integrity Hillary (wife) is also his political partner Economic Growth Burst in 1990s Clinton stood firm on deficit reduction – becomes his top priority Increased income tax rates on wealthy Passes earned income tax credit for the working poor Lower interest rates and growing confidence of financial markets 20 million new jobs Unemployment falls to all-time 4% low Stock market soars
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