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U.S. Term Sheet 16[1] - Terms of Interest, April 07/09,...

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Terms of Interest, April 07/09, 2009: Expansion, Industrialization, and the Antebellum North, II Post-War of 1812: Transportation Revolution, Urbanization, and Industrialization-The high market value of cash crops, combined with early mechanization, encouraged westward migration. This helped propel the transportation revolution, urbanization, and industrialization. People need jobs and because of all three of these things are occurring they are encouraging growth. Ability to travel, ship goods and people, and river towns. Artisans and Factories-used to be self-employed but changed and worked for others no more entrepreneurship/ Artisan class is splitting with workers who are getting poorer and poorer Pauperism: “Deserving” Poor-Poverty skyrocketed in this era, and the number of “paupers” rose. Discrimination kept some groups in perpetual poverty. Skilled work is less needed have to work in factories, because they cant compete with the factories. The gap between the rich and poor grows in distance. The paupers have no money no work and depend on charity to survive. Industrialization leads to extensive amounts of poverty. The deserving poor are the elderly and unable to work. The undeserving poor are the drunks and those able to work but don’t work. Free Blacks are the ones whom are suffering the most out of this. Entrepreneurs and Workers Separate Spheres, Temperance Clubs, and Moral-Reform Socities-married women used “separate spheres” to acquire more power in the home. Women start saying they don’t want to get married and lose their freedom, the older generation start to worry. Marriage not just about being man/husband in control and the roles are changing. Arguing they were “protecting the home” women used separate spheres to acquire power in the public realm, creating various social reform societies. We have to get out in the world and change things so we can affect the sinners and negatives of society. Moral Reform Societies- they are specifically trying to get rid of prostitution, but doing it in two ways one of working with them to get them training for other jobs, and attack the John’s or the evil ways of lustful men. They are publishing the names of men if they were caught in the whorehouses. Calvinist Doctrine and the 2 nd Great Awakening, 1790’s: CT-The Democratization of Heaven- Revivalist preachers of the 2 nd Great Awakening brought tens of thousands of people together to hear about God’s love for them. The revivals spread all over. It is about Jesus and wants to be in relationship with you. Calvinist Doctrine said God already chose if you were going or not to Heaven. Makes a huge influence on
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U.S. Term Sheet 16[1] - Terms of Interest, April 07/09,...

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