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1-28 Naturalization - Articles 8 and 9 Citizenship on...

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Curandismo Healer in latino communities 1848-1900 Creation Generation New open political borders and it’s hard to determine how many crossed over After 19 th century pattern of immigration we recognize today Naturalization Law 1790 Only free whites can become citizens 1868-4 th Amendment incorporates Africans and whites to be citizens 1875-Insert phrase that there is an idea of whiteness Challenges reaching supreme court about whiteness are rejected until the 1950’s 1924 Immigration Act Considered most racist legislative law ever passed Came about over a decade 1950 shows removal of any kinds of whiteness from immigration laws
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Unformatted text preview: Articles 8 and 9 Citizenship on Mexicans from treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo Mexicans weren’t considered white but citizens for living on the land 1917 Immigration Act Language tax was embedded Head tax was embedded to force people to pay Had little impact as most immigrants knew these rules would be applied 1924 Immigration Act Revises 21 act, uses a quota system to prevent immigration Mexicans exempt from these laws, their labor was needed Kept out southern and eastern Europeans No quotas on Mexican immigration until 1965...
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