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pluripotent stem cells 102609 - Module 5: Stem Cells...

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Module 5: Stem Cells October 26, 2009 Proposed evaluation: A short essay (no more than 1 page, arial 11) describing proposed experiments using pluripotent stem cells or neural stem cells to treat, cure or understand better a disease of your choice. Stem Cells Definition: cell that can self-renew or differentiate Potential stem cells with neural capacity (example of how stem cells work) o Zygotes are totipotent but non self-renewing o Embryonic stem cell – blastocyst Pluripotent Self-renewing o Multipotent stem cells – different tissues (brain, blood), embryo Broad potential—but only in same tissue Self-renewing o Neural progenitor – brain or spinal cord limited potential limited self-renewal o Committed neural progenitor (in vitro!) – brain sub region Limited division Non-functional o Differentiated – specific brain sites Non-mitotic Functional Stem Cell Therapy o As long as pluripotent stem cells are in culture, they become an artifact (stay pluripotent) You can differentiate them into anything (220 different cell types in the body) and then put them back into the body You can replace dying cells with stem cells Cloning of a man who can’t have children so that he can have a child o Cells are contaminated with fetal bovine serum, or fibroblasts, etc Antibodies against a sugar that the cells incorporate, we don’t make it! How do we know that they are pluripotent? o in vitro studies o Teratomas – (tumor-like structures) insert stem cells into mice, they will begin differentiating (humans have teratomas naturally too!) During stem cell therapy, you shouldn’t have undifferentiated cells! You will give people teratomas. Make sure every cell is already differentiated
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pluripotent stem cells 102609 - Module 5: Stem Cells...

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