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A - Ultrasound contrast agents are used to improve...

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Ultrasound contrast agents are used to improve diagnostic ultrasound imaging. We will examine how ultrasound contrast agents are used in local drug delivery systems.
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•Ultrasound contrast agents are compromised of tiny microbubbles which enhances the reflection of the ultrasound waves. The bubbles consist of gas and the bubble is coated with either a protein, lipid or polymer layer. This allows the bubble to stay intact and avoid dissolving in the blood. •A microbubble is subjected to an ultrasound which consists of oscillations of high and low pressure and the bubble will grow and shrink. it will start to oscillate at the frequency of the ultrasound. It could also become instable and could collapse. •The insonification device contains an ultrasonic wave-generating transducer for emitting ultrasonic waves, and an imaging device which passes ultrasound waves toward an imaging plane. The acoustic image formed in the imaging plane is received by a receiving
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  • Fall '09
  • Oliveros
  • Medical imaging, delivery systems, Contrast-enhanced ultrasound, •Ultrasound contrast agents, microcapsule

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