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Theatre Analysis: - Dialogue -Gives you information about the play -Conveys mood/emotions -Setting -Tone -Unique to person speaking -Speech -Grammar/punctuation - Stage Directions -Layout on page and punctuation can give setting, intention, or emotion -Whatever is not dialogue -How characters interact -Gestures/physical actions - Given Circumstances -Conditions in which a character lives: - Events/Relationships that precede the play -When and Where -Social Systems that affect characters -Cultural Norms - Theatrical Contract/Conventions
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Unformatted text preview: -Representational-------------------------Presentational ( reminds you that you are watching a play)-Realistic-------------------------Non-realistic-Conventions: Tools that establish the contract-Character-Protagonist-Antagonist-Foil Characters (Must be mutual)-Situational/tactical/egocentric-Stock Characters/Archetypes-Main Characters/Sub-characters-Complex/Simple (You need to know the motivation behind each character for them to be complex)...
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