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Acetylcholine - Function Acetylcholine has been shown to play major roles within sleep, arousal, learning and memory. They have also been implicated to play a role in a wide variety of behavioural and physiological functions such as aggressive and sexual behaviour, sensory processing and thermoregulation. Acetylcholine doesn’t act alone in any of these situations; they are all managed by multiple neurochemical determinants. Acetylcholines role in sleep and arousal The ascending reticular activating system (ARAS) is crucial in maintence of cortical arousal, as it modulates neural transmission to the spinal motor centers and the ascending tracts, which are responsible for various states of consciousness such as deep coma, drowsy and awake. The ARAS projects to the cholinergic pathways in the forebrain providing a multisynaptic continuum to modulate cortical excitability. Cholinergic agonists have been shown to increase cortical arousal,
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