Chemistry lab 15 -prelab

Chemistry lab 15 -prelab - Pre Lab #15 Polymer synthesis...

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Pre Lab #15 Polymer synthesis Addition polymer—Polystyrene 1. Place 20 drops of styrene into a disposable 13 x 100 mm test tube 2. Wear gloves! 3. Use a wooden or plastic utensil tad to add a few grains of dibenzoyl peroxide and shake the tube to the mix. 4. Label the test tube with your name, and place it in a sand bath that has been set up by your instructor 5. Allow the solution to heat for 90 minutes 6. When the material in the test tube has turned slightly yellow, remove the test tube from the sand bath and cool it on ice. 7. Try to shake the polymer out of the test tube. 8. Wear gloves when doing this! 9. Describe the appearance and properties of your polymer. 10. Test the solubility of the polymer by grinding a few chunks in a mortar and pestle and placing the powder in two test tubes. 11. Add water to one of the test tubes and acetone to the other test tube. 12. Record your observations. 13. Dispose of the acetone mixture in the appropriate Laboratory Byproducts Jar.
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14. Place a small chip of polystyrene on the end of a spatula, and heat it in a Bunsen burner flame. 15. Record your observations.
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Chemistry lab 15 -prelab - Pre Lab #15 Polymer synthesis...

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