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chm reactions and solubility

chm reactions and solubility - Chemical reactions in clued...

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- Chemical reactions in clued the evolution of heat, light, and/or sounds - Chemical equations depict the kind of reactants and products and their relative amounts in a reaction - REACTANTS PRODUCTS - Equations are always balanced - Because the same atoms are present in a reaction at the beginning and at the end, that amound of matter in a system doesn’t change (law of conservation of matter) - Same number of atoms/moles on both sides - Reactants- the substances that exist before a reaction - Products- the new substances that are formed ater a reaction - Chemical Equation- indicates the reactants and the products - TO SOLVE (REMEMBER BrINClHOF) o Write equation in word form Chlorine + sodium bromide bromine and sodium chloride o Write the correct formulas for all reactants and products Cl 2 + NaBr Br 2 + NaCl o Balance Cl 2 + 2NaBr Br 2 + 2NaCl o Examples: Aluminum Sulfate + Calcium Chloride Calcium Sulfate + Aluminum Chloride Al 2 + (SO 4 ) 3 + 3CaCl 2 3 Ca (SO 4 ) + 2AlCl 3 - IMPORTANT SYMBOLS
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