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Inorganic Exp 1 - Experiment#1 The Synthesis of Cobalt...

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Experiment #1 The Synthesis of Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate Chem 1312 Section: D1 Date Performed: January 18, 2006 Date Due: January 25, 2006 Submission Date: January 25, 2006
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James, 1 Introduction: In this experiment, we performed on hydrated compounds and were able to measure specific masses in a quick, but accurate manner. We began by creating a compound, which will be used later to test/analyze for cobalt, oxalate and water content in experiment 3. After analyzing the compound and finding the amount of moles of each content, we will then be able to calculate actual and theoretical yields. The actual yield is the amount of product produced during a lab, whereas a theoretical yield is the amount of product that could be produced according to calculations. The percent yield would give us the actual yield expressed as a percentage of the theoretical yield. In addition, this experiment evoked knowledge of hydrates. Hydrates are solid substances that have fixed amount water molecules in a definite ratio. As of now, we have only variable
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