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Inorganic Exp 2 - Experiment#2 Preparations of Performing...

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Experiment #2 Preparations of Performing Experiment 3 Chem 1312 Section: D1 Date Performed: January 25, 2006 Date Due: February 1, 2006 Submission Date: February 1, 2006 James, 1
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Introduction: In this experiment, we prepared one standard solution and another solution that will be standardized in experiment 3. We also heated crucibles to constant weight. The standard solution was sodium oxalate, which was stored in a plastic bottle. The potassium permanganate solution was made to be standardized in experiment 3. The last thing we did was heat a crucible till it reached a constant weight with less than .1mg differences. Everything we did in this lab will be used in experiment 3. This lab’s purpose was to prepare important solutions accurately for experiment 3. Procedure: The equipment and supplies used in this lab are as followed: Analytical balance, volumetric flask (100-ml), Florence flask (500-ml), Hot plate, crucibles, crucible tongs, desiccator, sodium oxalate, potassium permanganate, desiccant, burner, crucible, and clay triangle.
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