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Inorganic Exp 6 - Experiment#6 Analysis of an Unknown Salt...

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Experiment #6 Analysis of an Unknown Salt Chem 1312 Section: D1 Date Performed: April 12, 2006 Date Due: April 19, 2006 Submission Date: April 19, 2006
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Objective/Introduction: In this lab, the different characteristics of cations and anions will be studied by determining the identities of many pure salts by way of qualitative analysis. This lab’s purpose is to identify the contents of several vials of unknown compounds. All the solids in this lab are pure salts, and each will contain only one type of cation and one type of anion. There is a total of six positive ion and five negative ions represented. There are many qualitative ways in identifying a salt, such as the addition of an acid can cause bubble or fizzing, which means that a carbonate is present. Doing a pH test with litmus paper can also help narrow down the salts because some salts in solution are much more basic or acidic than others. It is important to know that a litmus test cannot be tested right in the solution; it is the fumes of this solution that we are testing, which is why it is advised to place the litmus paper above the solution on a concave watch glass. The sign of a precipitate is another major key, how soluble a salt is in solution, and how the precipitate responds to the addition of a certain acid are all key ways in identifying a salt. These methods are utilized in this lab. By doing this lab, students will be skilled in using a centrifuge and litmus paper properly. Procedures: Equipment: Reagents: Test wires 6M ammonia, NH 3 Microspatulas 6M nitric acid, HNO 3 Centrifuges 6M hydrochloric acid, HCl Litmus paper (red and blue) 6M sodium hydroxide, NaOH Cobalt blue glass 6M sulfuric acid, H 2
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Inorganic Exp 6 - Experiment#6 Analysis of an Unknown Salt...

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