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AMH3511 No Discussion Section This Week on OCTOBER 30!!! Vietnam Introduction Impressions of Vietnam Role of the Media Who is the enemy and who is your friend? Sometimes a person could be both, trying to work your way through that as a soldier on the ground could be very difficult What did America do wrong? How did we lose the war? How did Vietnam beat America? Re-phrase the question to: What did the Vietnamese do right? We dropped more bombs on South Vietnam, our ally, than we did during all of WWII Was US defeat inevitable? Was there any way that the US could have won this war? Certainly there are some components that made US victory highly unlikely, while defeat could have been avoided, it would have taken an alignment of almost positive thing in order for the US to do so The meaning of Vietnam for the Vietnamese Vietnam War with America was just a part of a much longer war. There willingness to fight and to keep outside forces away must be considered What does it mean to be Vietnamese? The Vietnamese Identity involves many components and involves all conflicts going back to the 1880s Domestic Strife- the anti-war movement builds on the civil rights movement and leads to the women’s rights movement. Vietnam was part of a larger piece of the 1960s concerning Domestic protests and defining what it means to be a person in the US and the notion of America Nationalism at the time Cold War Framework Certainly the American commitment in Vietnam is made out of the Cold War commitment Also caused some of the strife domestically for the US Asia A quarter century at least of American conflict in Asia From 1950 to 1975 there are only about 5 years where US forces are not in conflict anywhere in Asia this is stunning Part of this is related to the Cold War and another part is because we did not know much about Asia, part is American Hubris, and another part is wanting to spread American Nationalism to other nations Nationalism Vietnam is very much a product of American Nationalism transforming people, extending power, etc. Deconstructing Vietnam Vietnam has a long history of resisting foreign domination:
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China France Japan France again The United States Regional Distinction The conflict with the French 1885-1954 Three Aspect of the French Occupation Attitudes—Civilizing Mission ; Great Power Status French used Settler Colonialism which involved populations from the colonial power actually moving to the colony to settle, set-up their lives, and live there. As opposed to normal Colonialism when a few administrators would be sent over to the colony for a few years and then would return This matters because it raises some really tough questions concerning what to do when one wants to get out of a country and they still have a few thousand people living there The Nature of French Rule—small population of power ruling over a large population
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amh3511 notes - AMH3511 No Discussion Section This Week on...

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