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DBQ Outline Question: “Prohibition was ultimately repealed because of a lack of support for the cause.” Assess the validity of this statement with specific reference to the years 1920-1933. 1. Prohibition - It was brought about through moral justifications, but ultimately failed. - A “lack of support” did not exist, but its shortcomings were much stronger than the support it did receive. - Thesis: In the years 1920-1933, although prohibition received substantial economic and social support, it was ultimately repealed because prohibition’s shortcomings vastly outweighed the support it received. 2. Prohibition received substantial support in many parts of the country, and was a “noble experiment.” - Provincial, largely rural Protestant Americans supported prohibition. - This group of reformers went by “drys.” - Document C shows a moral appeal, saying alcohol is immoral and is impure. - It is an example of propaganda against alcohol pleading the prohibition amendment.
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