Essentials of Embryology CW 1

Essentials of Embryology CW 1 - Bladder Tissue Development...

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1 Bladder Tissue Development Human beings, over many years, have always tried to better themselves through modern scientific methods of prolonging life, through regeneration of key dead cells or through organ rehabilitation in disease states. Humans have also been involved in investigating developmental defects such as bladder developmental anomalies. This article describes experiments that show the importance of embryonic stem (ES) cells in producing bladder tissue and the usefulness of models that can be used to investigate bladder development. In 1981, embryonic stem (ES) cells were isolated for the first time from mice. This major break through, revolutionized the field of developmental biology (Martin 1981). ES cells have the ability to differentiate into ectoderm, mesoderm or endoderm. ES cells also have the ability to replicated and divide into stem cells or committed stem cells, that can give rise to a smaller population of progenitor cells. The progenitor cells are sometimes know as precursor cells and can produce differentiated cells, such as urothelium (bladder cells); As shown in the picture below: The Bladder is an important organ that collects and stores the urine, which it receives from the kidneys. When the bladder is full, nerves in the bladder signal the brain which creates the sensation of wanting to go the toilet. The nerves then also signal muscles of the bladder to contract, transporting the urine down the urethra. The reasons
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Essentials of Embryology CW 1 - Bladder Tissue Development...

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