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History final format 10 id’s, pick 5, second semester material 1 set of essay( 2, pick one) on info from midterm 1 essay, cumulative ( 2, pick one) all year info, 3-4 pick examples not 2-3, DON’T THROW ALL INFO same id detail panic 0f 1837- kill bank, reveals just how interconnected the economy began, Jackson killing the back, system started to have problems, ripple effects on the economy,
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Unformatted text preview: contraband- policy union army adopted towards saves, would not return. Benevolent reform- 2 nd great awakening, look at notes, changes in religions Race and ethnicity in north and west- dwelled on them, mentioned, graduial abolition, limits on school rights, read text regional _____ - cumulative essay, how did economies development in different regions, how it diverged,...
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