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history final notes - CHAPTER 1-Spain became united late...

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CHAPTER 1 -Spain became united late 1400’s and were ready to outstrip Port rivals; Port controlled Afr coast and round-Africa water route to India, so they looked West -Diaz rounded southern tip of Afr and Da Gama reached India -Columbian Exchange: gold, silver, corn, potatoes, tobacco, syphilis to OW; wheat, sugar, rice, coffee, horses, cows, pigs, diseases to NW; slave labor from Afr to NW -Treaty of Tordesillas divided “heathen lands” of the NW bt Spain and Port; Port got terr in Afr, Asia, and Brazil -Roman Cath mission became central institution in NM until Indian uprising called Pope’s Rebellion in 1680; destroyed every Catholic church -“Black Legend” said all the Spanish did was bring misery; they brought culture, colossal empire, laws, religion, and language CHAPTER 2- THE PLANTING OF ENGLISH AMERICA -King Henry VIII broke with RCC and established English Protestant Reformation; Brit in conflict with Catholic Spain -Britain defeated Spain in Spanish Armada and took over lead in colonization and power; peace treaty in 1604 -VA Company founded Jamestown; John Smith took over in 1608; Lord De La Warr arrived to alleviate suffering in 1610 -First and Second Anglo-Powhatan Wars -1619, House of Burgesses in VA (rep self-govt); slavery also born in 1619 -Maryland: Catholic Haven; death penalty to others; founded by Lord Baltimore -slave “codes” in sugar plantations in West Indies -Carolina: rice; close with West Indies; Afr slave bc immunity to malaria and familiarity with rice; colony too strong to be wiped out despite violence w Spanish and Indians -NC had strong resistance to authority, 1712: N and S splitted -GA= buffer bt Brit colonies, Spanish, and French; also a haven for people in debt; “Charity Colony”; James Oglethorpe repelled Spanish attacks; good leader; Christians except Catholics were tolerated; grew slowly CHAPTER 3- SETTLING THE NORTHERN COLONIES -Separatists (Pilgrims) settled at Plymouth instead of VA; signed Mayflower Compact before disembarking -William Bradford great leader; Plymouth merged with Mass Bay Colony in 1691 -Non-Sep Puritans founded Bay Colony led by Winthrop; took charter and used as constitution -unchurched men and women not allowed in; Winthrop hated common people and democracy -Quakers persecuted in Mass; Anne Hutchinson banished and went to RI; said holy life is no sign of salvation; Roger Williams wanted
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history final notes - CHAPTER 1-Spain became united late...

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