religion final

religion final - 11/5 Hinduism Approx 1.5 million in US...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/5 Hinduism Approx 1.5 million in US mostly immigrants Support temple culture- Community centers- Use of arts/culture to portray traditions No formal religious training pick up through osmosis in India but in US have to adapt cultural Hinduism History- 1 st account from US sailors/traders, brought home statues/icons/stories- Intellectuals intrigued by it- Vivekanadra o Parliament of World RN a chicagos world fair- Vendanta temples estb in 1906 o Practices Juana (knowledge = path of wisdom) Marga path Yoga 3 paths of Hinduism 1. Junana 2. 2. Karma path of action 3. Bhakti Vedanta- Appeals to people with protestant background- Taught nature of humans is divine - God w in the person- Universalism all religions are true and to be respected- Appealed to women of upper middle class Many types of temples - Most non-sectarian (contrast to whats found in india)- Some exceptions ISCKAN Hare Krishnas Hare Krishnas Bhakti = devotion- Devotion to Krishna (Vishnu)- Devotion and practice above ritual- Most visible tradition in 1960s in US- Cavdiya Valshnavism branch of o started by Chattima wahebiber in 1500s o dancing and chanting o how did it come to the US? Praphubodia came to US wanted to spread it Strict standards no drinking, eating meat/eggs, no sex outside of marriage o Mvmt plagued by scandal Crisis of leadership and schism after Praphubadas death Only monolithic mvmt to have any presence in the US Beat mvmt- Poets and Novelists in post WWII era- Jack Kerouc- Alan Ginsberg- Argued for new type of spiritual experiences that cant be found in a church but on the road- Failure to arrive at a fixed point, always wandering- Interest in eastern religions- Drawn to Buddhism- Individual experience vs. orthodox tradition Counterculture - Born out of post WWII era- The 1950s cultural conformity, suburbia conformity- As the 60s progressed division between generations - Many young people turned to politics; spoke out against V. war- Disdain for large society- Free from shackles of society- Do your own thing- Value new over old; intuitive over rational- Asking people to take drugs to enlighten path to spiritual divinity - Abandoned inherited religious tradition, turned to Buddhism and Hinduism- Many people dropped out of society- Woodstock o Parallel w/ camp meetings?- Themes o Sexual freedom o Self-expression o Trying to find religious truths o Etc o Some of these themes became part of dominant society 11/10 Religion in the 60s and counterculture Civil rights mvmt - Politics and education o After emancipation black and white religious leaders worked together o 15 th amendment Af. Able to vote o Some blacks begin to hold political positions looked to black clergy or were black clergy (b/c were highly educated) o Separate but equal enforced white supremacy o Religious organizations developed parallel institutions for blacks o All black schools- Black churches...
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religion final - 11/5 Hinduism Approx 1.5 million in US...

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