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B.120.history.outline - TA office hours Matt Powers Tue&...

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Unformatted text preview: TA office hours Matt Powers: Tue & Th 9 - 10 am Don Lustenberger: Tue & Th 12:- 1:00pm Alia Mehta Jackson: Wed 2 to 4 pm Tobin Cho: Wed: 1:30pm; Fri 3:30 Alex Khislavsky (our webCT man) History of Psychology What are the key Components of Science? Observation Explanation What does Zeitgeist mean? Spirit of the times HISTORY Pre-Historic Early Philosophers Dark Ages Renaissance Phrenology Psychophysics ~15,000 yrs ago ~400 B.C. ~500 1500 A.D. ~14th 16th cen ~late 1800's ~late 1800's Pre-Historic (~15,000 yrs ago) Anthropomorphim = projection of human attributes Animism = as though nature was alive or possessed a soul Magic Early Philosophers Emphasized Natural Explanations What was a critical psychological issue debated by Plato and Aristotle? Plato: Nature knowledge is present at birth Aristotle: NURTURE Mind is like a blank slate EXPERIENCE does writing Dark Ages (500 1500 A.D.) "Burning (those assumed to be) demon possessed" Negative social climate Widespread superstition & fear Not open to objective inquiry Persecution of disbelievers Anything against the church is sin Discrimination against women Dark Ages (1st major decline within) St. Thomas Aquinas Accepted both reason & faith as a way of knowing God Renaissance (14th 16th Century) Period of immense curiosity & openmindedness Objective questioning Renaissance (cont'd) Descartes 2 major errors Mind-body `I think, therefore I am' Phrenology (late 1800s) People believed that you could get your skull read Gain information about personality, strengths, & weaknesses Phrenology (cont'd) 2 political effects of phrenology Women considered inferior due to having smaller skulls abolish slavery Helped African-American skull same size as Caucasian skull What happened to Phineas P. Gage's brain during the accident? Psychophysics Fechner (1887) relationships between physical world & mind Rating the loudness of sounds brightness of colors Set the stage for the 1st school of psychology Different perspectives Structuralism Functionalism Psychoanalytic Humanistic Gestalt Behaviorism Cognitive Revolution Decade of the Brain Decade of the Brain Psychology began as the science of *Mental Life* The founder of the first school in 1879 was? The name of the first school was? (2nd major decline within) Perky "imageless thought controversy" FUNCTIONALISM Darwin Man evolved from animal of fittest Survival Functionalism (cont'd) How does having a mind make us *ADAPTIVE* in this world? function & purpose of the mind Mental processes are like a stream PSYCHOANALYTIC conscious mental life was the tip of the iceberg Internal conflicts Life (love, survival) vs. Death (hate) (Thanatos) "I could kill you...I hate you" "please don't leave me"! "I need you...I love you" "I could kill you...I hate you" "please don't leave me"! "I need you...I love you" HUMANISTIC People are basically good given the right environment are born good People Maslow--reason for evil stems from deprivation of basic needs & love Maslow's hierarchy: self actualization Transcendent/ Respect Belong Shelter Biological needs GESTALT Agreed w/ evolution on creativity in Focused apes perception magic & illusions The eye is not a camera BEHAVIORISM: 1920's -1960's Pavlov & Watson Science of observable & measurable behavior (3rd major decline within) Skinner Brelands instinctive drift overrides reinforcement biology "Out in the Real World" Computer =model for mind Language.. More than rewards Genetics People wanted to understand: Emotions Thinking Rich & Interesting internal events COGNITIVE REVOLUTION 1960's 1980's Science of behavioral & mental processes (MIND) Mind Imagery Learning Perception Thinking Dreams Emotions, etc. Cognitive Revolution= MARRIAGE: Rigorous science & Rich interesting issues BIO- Psycho- SocioCultural Psychology Behavior today & mind influenced by culture cross-cultural factors are integral to the study of psychology Now, EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY Recent movement in psychology behaviors & thought shaped by evolutionary pressures Could this explain internal conflicts? My animal nature (biology) vs. My higher transcendent nature Buss & Helen Fisher: Anatomy of Love Steve Gangestad, Ph.D., University of New Mexico Neuroscience & Me 3 major declines that took place within a system prior to the next shift. What were those 3 systems?? dark ages, psychoanalysis, behaviorism prehistoric times, structuralism, behaviorism dark ages, structuralism, behaviorism dark ages, psychoanalysis, cognitive revolution structuralism, functionalism, Gestalt psychology A. B. C. D. E. ...
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