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Unformatted text preview: Personality Disorders `We all have a Personality' But what does is mean to say one has a Personality Disorder? It's a disorder of the SELF U.S. prevalence is 2.5% Ego Dystonic temporary (e.g., panic attack "not me") = Axis I: Ego Syntonic = Axis II: pervasive= "this is okay, this is me" It's "who I am", "What's your problem?" *relatively permanent, patterns of maladaptive behavior In life loads of flexibility is needed PD stems from: inflexible & distorted patterns behavior Characteristics of Personality Disorders rigidity to stress.... same wrong thing over and over chronic, ingrained, pervasive personality patterns they don't have the perspective to think of change They have an inability to bounce back after a setback They won't try new things. They think, "this is what I need to do to survive" E.g. if attempt to make a friend & fail, then avoid all human contact in future They don't try new strategies DSM-IV-TR: 3 clusters (based on symptom similarities) The diagnosis of more that one personality disorder in an individual patient is common "New Personality" Continuum Approach. Oldham, MD & Morris Cluster: A Odd Behaviors (Social dysfunction) Eccentric Cluster A Paranoid Personality Disorder: distrust suspicious Cluster A Schizoid Personality Disorder: (appears cool, aloof) indifference to interpersonal relationships restricted emotional range Cluster A Schizotypal Personality Disorder: (appears odd) interpersonal deficits eccentricities in cognition, perception, & behavior visual, attentional, & memory deficits comparable to those seen in schizophrenia Cluster B Dramatic, Emotional, or Erratic Behavior Entertaining! Histrionic Personality Disorder: (drama queen) excessive emotionality attention seeking Cluster B Narcissistic Personality Disorder: grandiosity need for admiration lack of empathy Cluster B Borderline Personality Disorder: instability in interpersonal relationships self image affect marked impulsivity Cluster B Antisocial: disregard for and violation of the rights of others Cluster C Anxiety or Fearfulness (Conscientious) Cluster C Avoidant Personality Disorder: (fears rejection) social inhibition, upset by lack of social relations feelings of inadequacy hypersensitivity to negative evaluations (criticism) Cluster C Dependent Personality Disorder: (environmentally influenced) need to be taken care of submissive and clingy behavior fear of separation (abandonment) Cluster C ObsessiveCompulsive Personality Disorder: preoccupation with orderliness perfectionism interpersonal control rigid and cold Histrionic behavior falls within which of the Clusters of personality disorders? A) Cluster A B) Cluster B C) Cluster C D) Schizophrenia ...
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